Launch of A Tale of Two Cities reading blog

A Tale of Two Cities began publication in All the Year Round on Saturday 30 April 1859, and ran until November 26. This year, beginning on Monday 30 April, we’ll be replicating Dickens’s first readers’ experience of enjoying this novel as it came out in weekly parts. All those parts can be found in volumes 1 and 2 of All the Year Round on the web-site of DIckens Journals Online – – where you can see what the original parts looked like, and read them alongside the journalism, poetry, comedy and other fiction that Dickens’s periodical also published.

For more information about the project, details of how to join in, and guidelines for blog authors, please see the ‘About’ page above.

This reading group blog is a partnership between the Victorian Studies Centre at the University of Leicester and Dickens Journals Online 


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About Gail Marshall

I joined the University of Leicester as Professor of Victorian Literature in January 2010. My main interests are in the fiction and theatre of the period, and in women's history and literature of the time. I've long wanted to see how it might feel to read a Victorian novel serially, and am looking forward to examining this experience.

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