Join us in reading Dickens’s A Tale of Two Cities as it first appeared in his weekly magazine All the Year Round.

Share your experiences of reading the novel, respond to reading group questions, and pose questions and queries to the rest of the group. We want this to be a friendly and enabling space for everyone to exchange ideas freely  – all courteous content warmly welcomed. We’ll be using the Guardian’s participation guidelines.

On the week of 30th April (but not before please!) please read the first weekly installment of A Tale of Two Cities at Dickens Journals online: http://www.djo.org.uk/tale-of-two-cities.html This page has all the installments, and we’ll be keeping pace with the 1859 dating. You may wish to read some more of All the Year Round for that week too – in fact we’re hoping for this, where time permits, so that we can get more of a sense of the context for Dickens’s first readers. In an opening blog each week we’ll open up some questions for discussion. Where possible, in order to keep the conversation navigable, please respond to these in the comments thread. If you want to write something different about that week’s material to start a new discussion, do write a new blog, and give it as explanatory title as possible.
We’re learning as we go with this – the beginning has been wonderful! We’d like, though, to make a plea for the avoidance of any spoilers from those who’ve read the novel before! This may be a bit tricky but the aim is to keep this as close as possible to the experience of Dickens’s first readers.

If you have any questions about the project or you’d like to contribute, please contact Holly Furneaux at hf35@le.ac.uk. For technical assistance please have a look through the WordPress support pages.

This reading group blog is a partnership between the Victorian Studies Centre at the University of Leicester and Dickens Journals Online



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