Cat and Mouse

They thought it was all over but reckoned without the cat and mouse. Manette has had his day in court and won. Bastille honour  has prevailed and he is now a good citizen of the Republic and can’t object to supporting it. Having played his trump once I don’t think he will be allowed to play it twice. Not if the Defarges, who are responsible for Darnay’s re-arrest, have anything to do with it.

Good news tho’, poor Gabelle has been released after nearly eighteeen months in prison for doing absolutely nothing but the job he was paid to do.

From the excitement and expectation that normal life can be resumed with a swoop of his pen Dickens has twisted the story around

For Lucie it is a shattering blow just when she thought it was dusted and done and like Pross must have been considering about getting back to the quiet of Soho Square. Instead there is the prospect of a quick trial and a quicker ending. What the charge maybe the four Jaques will not say except that it comes from St. Antoine and the Defarges and more disconcerting another who is not named.

Could there be a connection between these events and the white coat last seen lying on Lorry’s chair? Only one hundred and sixty eight hours to go before we might know.


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